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6 Fun Activities To Do In Bhutan

Updated: May 5, 2019

Perched amidst the huge Himalayas, Bhutan is beautiful in every way. It is isolated from the madness of the world and has preserved its culture and heritage. It has evolved separately and is known as the Land of Happiness for a reason. Bhutan is a paradise for travel lovers and peace seekers. It has high mountains, flora and fauna and high altitude which makes it ideal for adventure activities. If you think Bhutan is all about its monasteries, you are absolutely wrong. There are many adventure activities to indulge in when in Bhutan.

Enjoy Whitewater rafting in Khansum Valley

There is a male and female river in Khansum Valley known as Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu. The Mo Chhu river has a few rapid of class I and II. It then meets the Pho Chhu river and there is a confluence of the two. On this rafting trail, you will go through rapids around the beautiful and scenic Punakha Dzong and the setting of Bhutanese mountains. The trail is safe and is pretty easy. It is a must do when in Punakha.

Cross the suspension bridges of Bhutan

This unconventional activity will get your adrenaline pumping and is worth a try. The Suspension bridge in Punakha connects the Punakha Dzong to nearby villages. It is the longest suspension bridge in Bhutan and hardly makes a sound when you cross it. It is built on Po Chhu river and is draped with prayer flags. It is a good photo opportunity and also one of the most unexpected adventure sports to try in Bhutan.


If you are an amateur in kayaking, chances are you will love it through the various rivers of Bhutan. The river flow across the nation is just right for you to go out and enjoy the adventure. It is one of the most scenic adventure activities to do in Bhutan. If you are a solo traveler, you will absolutely love this activity. You can enjoy kayaking at Puna Tsang Chhu, Wang Chhu, Mangde Chhu, Dangme Chhu and Kuri Chhu.


How is it possible to visit Bhutan and not go on a trek? Trekkers from across the world travel to Bhutan to make the most of the mountain peaks. Bhutanese Himalayas are inviting and there are various trails that run through the mountains which you can trek on. You can begin your trek for Tiger’s Nest from Paro and then choose to go on different treks across different mountains. The Jomolhari trek is the most popular among the tourists because it offers exceptional views of the peak and a peek into the Himalayas in Bhutan. Another famous trek is the Druk Path which passes through the rhododendron forests which surround the mountain of Gangkar Puensum.


You might find this unusual but it is indeed one to the must do things in Bhutan. You will see a lot of people practicing archery in Paro. It is a national sport of Bhutan and was practiced in Dzongkha and gewogs. In order to create awareness and promote this sport, the country holds modern competitions everywhere. You can participate in competitions during festivals and fairs and can also try it at the Folk Heritage Museum in Thimpu.


You can go Paragliding in Bhutan. There are low hills and forests which make it ideal for paragliders.

Many people inquire about bungee humping in Bhutan but it is not allowed due to safety concerns. While you are in Bhutan, enjoy the thrill of these adventures and make the most of the hilly terrain of the nation.

Who says Bhutan is only about monasteries?